Ottawa Residents: Stop Carpenter Ants Before They Take Over Your Home

Ottawa Residents: Stop Carpenter Ants Before They Take Over Your Home

Carpenter Ants can be a serious problem if you just allow them to do their devastating little work around your house. Don’t allow yourself and your family to wake up one day knowing these little creatures have taken over your home to be their construction site for growth and sustainability. Here are signs you have them around.

  1. When you see ants that are black and having a size from medium to large.
  2. When you see them crawling on the kitchen floors, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and in bathrooms.
  3. When you notice a build-up of sawdust-like bits and pieces below window frames.
  4. When you notice the same stuff on the floor where above are bare wooden boards.
  5. When you hear that faint crackling sound, sometimes crinkling, in wooden parts of the house.
  6. And obviously, when you see them marching to and from a little exit.

Here’s a thing; the more you let them be, the more underlying destruction they can do, so act fast by either removing them yourself or by calling a pest control expert in Ottawa.

Should you decide to do the carpenter ants removal yourself, here are a couple of things you need to know about them.

They can be easily identified

To begin with, they are mostly black, or red/black, in colour. If measuring can help, they usually range in size from a 16th of an inch to a half inch. Their smooth, equally rounded upper thorax also makes them easily identifiable from other ant species. Add to the distinction the existence of a solitary node at the waistline.

Signs that you have to call an Air Duct Cleaning Service now

Signs that you have to call an Air Duct Cleaning Service now

The air duct system can be considered as the most important part of your house as it highly affects the health of the family members. Although we all take a good care of the air duct, there are a few things that can only be treated by the experts, like the many duct cleaning companies in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities. So, apart from the weekly/fortnight cleaning of the air duct, it is vital that you should be in contact with the expert air duct cleaning services in your area to deal with any emergency situation.

The next important question that arises in the homeowner’s mind is about the signs that depicts that they should call for an Air Duct Cleaning service. There are a few things that shall be taken as an alarm to call the experts. In case you are not aware about them, here is the list of things that can be taken as the signs for calling an expert in air duct cleaning.

1. Respiratory problems

One of best ways to judge whether the air duct needs repairing is to check the health of the family members. As the air duct is clearly related to the respiration, the family members may get affected by the severe respiratory problems. If any of your family members is experiencing the unusual cough, it is advised that you should check the air duct for any fault.

Medical problems because of HVAC systems which have been poorly maintained make a difference to every Canadian citizen whether they live in Toronto Winnipeg, Vancouver or Calgary. Making sure you have regular maintenance inspections to ensure your furnace is free from bacteria otherwise it will contaminate the air everywhere in your house and become a health hazards. In addition always clean your HVAC system’s ducts at intervals to keep your homes and family members free from illness.

Rats Seeking Winter Shelter

Rats Seeking Winter Shelter

When temperatures start to drop rats will want to come inside your house. Cooler conditions imply that rats will start seeking protection, which in turn means they will try and find a way to get into your homes for shelter.

Each winter, rats occupy millions of houses throughout Canada and become a nuisance pest to the homeowners, consequently raising the need for pest control services. Risks to individual family members health and damage to homes are just two of the major factors which should encourage you to do all you can to keep rats out of your home throughout the winter period.

Rats do cause problems every year in all parts of Canada therefore it’s essential for homeowners to take actions to keep them out before they become a problem.